I’ve been playing the markets for about 25 years now, at times semi-professionally, and at times professionally (for a living).

For 2 years I was a professional poker player, usually multi-tabling 16 tables at PokerStars back in the day, and also in Vegas. Through playing millions of poker hands, tracked by computer with full statistical analysis, I learned money management skills which applied to how to play your hand and manage your bankroll. I find these poker skills translate 100% to Day Trading. My best areas of expertise are in price action/trend reading, charting, swing trading basic vanilla options, macro economics, fundamental analysis. I am also a programmer, so I also custom code a lot of my own indicators for TradingView and ThinkOrSwim.

During bull markets, my win rate on multi-day/week swing trades is almost 70%. My win rate on Day Trading is 55%. I have a profit factor of 1.8 to 1.

I still study and research and learn every day in order to improve exits, entries, and pick up new strategies and edges. I am constantly reviewing my trades, losing trades included, because I believe that’s where you learn, from what you did not do well. That said, you cannot trade and not lose. Losing is part of trading and part of winning. You win 5 and lose 10. Win 3x as much as you lose, and that 15 win 10 lose or 1.5 to 1 profit factor.

I look forward to being of help to you all. Let’s get to trading!!!